Capturing Style On The Go // The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman, the photographer behind The Sartorialist, has a keen eye for individual style. Nothing too trendy, just plain unique.


I was in a bookshop located along Elizabeth St. when I saw the book. It’s about street style photography and it was on sale. I flipped through the thick but small book and matt page after matt page, I was greeted with a blend of individual styles.

I had to get it.

I went home, made myself comfortable and savoured each page. There’s just so much to look at; not because Schuman decided to squeeze ten photos into one page but every individual (from all walks of life) was wearing or had something eccentric with them.

I’m happy to have discovered Schuman’s blog, The Sartorialist, because from there one gets a glimpse of what personal style means and would close the tab feeling inspired to wear whatever you want, whenever you want. Nothing trendy, just plain you.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

west broadway ny
West Broadway, New York
via manzoni
Via Manzoni, Milan
lower east side ny
Lower East Side, New York
wardour st london
Wardour St., London
charing cross rd
Charing Cross Road, London
ada paris
Ada, Paris
corso monforte
Corso Monforte, Milan


(the featured image was taken in Washington St. New York)

Do you have a favorite?


On The Street // Men’s Fashion

On the hunt for some individuality.

Hey there! How’s your Tuesday going?

Mine’s pretty good. I woke up to a cold and foggy morning and I find that exciting.Β It’s really rare to have Melbourne covered in a blanket of fog.

I met someone new at work today.

I had one too many slices of cake during our record week celebration.

I treated my body to some exercise, had a small dinner, a warm shower and now, this.

Yesterday, I had the urge toΒ seek out street styles that portray the wearer’s individuality. I wanted to look at men’s fashion because the internet is saturated with metallic skirts, silk blouses, Chloe bags, block heels…

So here’s a representation of men who, in my opinion, dress to their soul’s satisfaction.


Processed with VSCO
Amazon India Fashion Week // Matargasht


Street Style during Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016
Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016
Denmark street style


Milan_the sartorialist
Milan // The Sartorialist


paris_the sartorialist
Paris // The Sartorialist
paris2_the sartorialist
Paris // The Sartorialist
street style_paris_the sartorialist
Paris // The Sartorialist


red between the hemlines_soft african st style
South Africa street style // Red Between The Hemlines


Isaac Likes
Isaac Likes


On The Street // Men’s Fashion

Happy Friday!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll notice that I mainly focus on women’s fashion. But my love for men’s fashion is growing. I look for styles that are unique but also aesthetically pleasing. An odd piece of clothing or accessory is fine, but I find myself gravitating towards smart casual, minimal styling, and well-structured clothing.

Here are some snapshots of stylish men roaming the streets of Europe. Enjoy!

Florence // The Sartorialist
Stockholm Fashion Week AW17 // Robert Spangle
Florence // The Sartorialist
Florence // The Sartorialist
Stockholm Street Style //Robert Spangle
Florence // The Sartorialist
Robert Spangle