Work of Art [Series #3]

Here’s the last of the series! I’ve seen people wearing corduroy button up skirts but no one really paid attention to corduroy shorts. To show this piece some love, I styled it with prints, lace and accessories with intricate details. What do you think?



Center piece – 6. HANAYOSHI Corduroy Shorts in Black and Gold

[Dress Down]

1. AETERNA BATIK Klantik Raglan Blouse in Terra Violet  2. Suggested makeup look (Rosy flush)  3. CAMILLA Threaded Spell Heavy Set Ring  4. byboe Leaf and Pin Earrings  5. ROKIT Basket Weave Handbag  7. DR MARTENS Floral 8065

Main 3_2

[Dress Up]

1. ASOS Suede Gold Heels  2. by boe Chained Ring  3. Suggested makeup look (dusty green eye shadow and plum lips)  4. ASOS Floral Embellished Zip Top Clutch Bag  5. ASOS High Neck Cold Shoulder Trophy Top


Styling and editing by Su Min Chan


The State of Gold

My taste in jewelry has certainly changed as I go through different stages of life. Take a walk down memory lane with me and discover the pieces that I’ve selected for my future collection.

7 – 10 m

The first jewelry I wore was simple. It is a gold anklet with a tiny bell attached near the clasp. My mum told me I had it on when I was just learning how to crawl.

The bell emits a pleasant jingle everywhere I went. I guess that was one method of keeping track of my whereabouts.

7 – 15 y

I got my ears pierced at a stuffy jewelry store in my hometown. It was painful and I had tears in my eyes. I hated the piercing gun.

My mum introduced me to her collection of gold jewelry. I didn’t understand the significance they have for her at the time. I remember I love looking at them and trying them on. I always end up disappointed because nothing fits me.

The only “jewelry” I own back then were rainbow colored plastic rings, beaded necklaces, wooden bracelets and cheap custom jewelry.

I got a second piercing on my right ear and I still hate the piercing gun.

My mum (spontaneously) bought me two necklaces from Foxy Originals. This was one of them: Jade Necklace in blackbrown

17 – 22 y

I love stacking bracelets, rings and necklaces. My approach was ‘the more the merrier’.

I stop by a custom jewelry store whenever I’m out shopping. I pick things out, try them on and put them back. I always wish I have enough money to buy everything in the store.

Occasionally my mum would treat me to a piece of jewelry (or more depending on her mood).

My friends and family members know. I guess that’s why I get jewelries as gift during birthdays or after someone has been overseas.

After I graduated high school, I decided to reward myself with a nose piercing. The process was surely not rewarding.

23 – 24 y

When Lovisa is having a sale, you’ll find me there.

I begin to appreciate fine jewelry. You also won’t find me stacking bracelets and necklaces anymore (but once in a blue moon, I still do).

I fell in love with nature’s stone. Also known as crystals.

25 y

I no longer shop for custom jewelry. I hate that they don’t last and it’s just a waste of money. I’ll invest in the real deal instead.

So what would I have in my “future collection”?


An ornate bib with brushed gold leaf and deep red stones, this vintage confection is a bold take on a structured statement necklace.



A delicate gold strand with asymmetrical crystal embellishment.


These are the things I’d buy and wear when I have the means. That is why I called it the “future collection”. You’ll get a second peek soon enough. Until then, have a great weekend!


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