In My Handheld Device

Just sharing a few visuals I’ve gathered over time…


143IMG_20160830_173532_HDR2Lei. Suit hunting with R. Drive up to Falls Creek. Backstage // PUMA. Policemen on horse.


Andrea fixes my hair. NGV exhibition. Night market @ Ampang, KL. Random sightings in Brunswick.



Mood #092016

Hello! How is your Wednesday?

It has been very windy in Melbourne for the past few days but today the weather is relatively calm. Of course I have to take the chance to go out for a long run. I really needed this cardio session because all I had over the weekend was pizza. For someone with high cholesterol, it is important that I take responsibility for my health and that means slotting in as many cardio sessions as I can for the next few weeks. And if you’re wondering – no, I don’t regret having 9 slices of pizza. They were so good.

Yesterday’s weather was the worse. The combination of strong wind and rain made it impossible to use an umbrella. There was even a tiny hail storm in the evening!ย Anyway, enough on the weather update. How about a visual representation of my state of mind?