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Signet rings, dim sum and Japan are just some of the things that have been on my mind lately.


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty productive. In between work (i.e. online courses, photo editing etc.), I managed to slot in some reading, lectures, a 1.5 hour leisure run, grocery shopping, window shopping and a (long overdue) video chat with my family.

(I’m so out of touch with my brother it’s unbelievable. And we live in the same city!)

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Anne Marie Vang // Albino Twins

I’ve always thought these individuals to be unique and beautiful.

Also, I have no idea that the last time I made a moodboard was in December 2016! So here’s one for the month of May, where you’ll find my inspirations, experiences, wants, cravings, dreams and fascinations.

Layer. Stack. I can’t get signet rings out of my head. 

Yan Yan Chan

modern legacyMicah Gianneli_Best top fashion style beauty lifestyle blogger_R

Modern Legacy // Micah Gianneli

jenny mustard dot com
Jenny Mustard’s living room.
A bit of Swedish flair won’t hurt.
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Androgyny fascinates me // Hokkaido, Japan

Blade runner cityscape sourced from TR napper

STAY HUMAN // Blade runnermowielicious dot com dim sum

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ArtComesFirst Street Style

Uniqlo U Printed Long Sleeve Shirtdress



Mood #112016

Take a peek at what inspired me in November! I may or may not have sneaked in a few things on my wish list.

Happy Sunday!! What are you plans for today? Will you be doing something new and exciting?

I don’t know about you but as December approaches, I tend to feel demotivated and mentally exhausted. It’s as if a year’s worth of work has finally taken its toll on me and I just want to wait until the new year rolls around to start anything new. Part of me also feel sad when the year comes to an end. It means my loved ones are getting older. There’ll be goodbyes and there’s a lot I have yet to achieve. But that was in the past.



As I get older, my mindset changes. I feel differently about December and I make goals whenever I feel like it. I try to learn new things and challenge myself. I think about the good things in my life and count my blessings. I’ve made it my mission to treat the people close to me better because life is unpredictable and I don’t know when it’ll be the last time I see them.

And you know what? I’m learning so much about myself! But most importantly, I feel inspired and excited for the future.

Etsy table setting// Ceramics Project by Oracle Fox

If you’ve seen my October mood board, you’ll notice that I’ve included some images that have been altered using GIMP 2.8. Those were alright but I’ve decided to step up my game (those labelled with * are those that I’ve created using the program).

Freckles// Katharina Eisenkoeck Mirror Sculpture* 
Flower// Nancy Lorenz Sculptor Installation*

I’m excited to see what I can create in the future. In the meantime, I want to thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this one! And please, don’t hesitate to show me some love if you like what you see!

Yan Yan Chan // Nicole Wermers Chair Series*
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Yan Yan Chan
Mariel B.’s work as featured in Rookie’s November Collages.

Mood #102016

Bonjour! One more day until a new month begins so I have decided to put together my October mood board while I’m having my favorite snack -peanut butter and strawberry jam rye toast.

I didn’t have the best sleep for the past week. Instead of going to bed on time, I’ve been staying up doing some house hunting, trying to finish readings for the day and experimenting with GIMP 2.8, a photo editing software. Sometimes I get so absorbed with the task I don’t even realize it has passed midnight.

Source: The Guardian
Source: Pinterest

I’ve made a big decision this month but I wouldn’t be the only one to make it happen. I hope everything works out because I’m ready for change.

Gritty Pretty // Dior (Paris)

Of course it wouldn’t be easy but then again nothing ever is. If this is what I want, might as well go for it and face challenges as they present themselves. One at a time. I like to think that challenges make life more interesting. Agree?

Gritty Pretty // Georgia Fowler

I wish you all Happy Halloween and stay safe!

P.S. Some photos have been altered using GIMP 2.8. Original source is in the caption.

Mood #092016

Hello! How is your Wednesday?

It has been very windy in Melbourne for the past few days but today the weather is relatively calm. Of course I have to take the chance to go out for a long run. I really needed this cardio session because all I had over the weekend was pizza. For someone with high cholesterol, it is important that I take responsibility for my health and that means slotting in as many cardio sessions as I can for the next few weeks. And if you’re wondering – no, I don’t regret having 9 slices of pizza. They were so good.

Yesterday’s weather was the worse. The combination of strong wind and rain made it impossible to use an umbrella. There was even a tiny hail storm in the evening! Anyway, enough on the weather update. How about a visual representation of my state of mind?