What’s [Unusually] Hot? #052017

In this new monthly series, I explore trends beyond the industries I’m familiar with.

One day while I was home alone browsing through fashion blogs, I had an idea to put together a WHAT’S HOT post every month. I thought it would be beneficial as I’ll be able to stay on top of trends that stem from the industries I’m interested in (i.e. beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle).

I still think it’s a good idea as I’m writing this until it occurred to me that I do catch up with trends when I’m on social media. I guess I was just having one of those I-don’t-think-I-know-enough moments…

Then I thought to myself: wouldn’t it be interesting to discover the trends outside the industries I’m familiar with? Hence, I’ve decided to start the What’s [Unusually] Hot series. Every month, I’ll seek out things that are trending or topics that are currently being discussed in different countries.

To include all of the trends is not only tedious but will make you zone out faster than when you’re in a lecture. Therefore, what you read here has been selectively chosen by me.

Note: The following trends appear in no particular order.



1. Gakken Kits

Gakken Holdings was established in Japan during the 1940s. Its initial focus was on publishing educational books and magazines but it soon expanded to include the development of teaching materials and tools for preschools, kindergartens and high schools during the 1970s.

Edison Wax Candle Cylinder Phonograph Kit

Edo-Style Clock Kit

The Pinhole Planetarium Kit

I’ve never heard of this company before but my God, these are cool! I miss those days when children and adults would look forward to hands-on projects during their free time instead of being smitten to an electronic device.

2. Chandeliers

Things I admire or would get when I own a house…

Zaha Hadid’s almost aquatic LED chandelier

3. Fidget toys

4. Levi’s

Strangely enough I don’t own a pair of Levi’s jeans. These are the styles I hope to get my hands on in the future.

501 skinny jeans OLD HANGOUTS
501 Skinny Jeans OLD HANGOUTS
501 straight cut LONESOME ROAD
501 Straight Cut LONESOME ROAD

5. Baby Groot

I squeal whenever Baby Groot appears on screen. I can understand why sales has spiked for this little one.



6. Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil by Angela Stanton


7. The Islamic Enlightenment: The Struggle Between Faith and Reason, 1798 to Modern Times by Christopher de Bellaigue


8. The Cancer Revolution: A Groundbreaking Program to Reverse and Prevent Cancer by Leigh Erin Connealy


9. Canon T6 EOS Rebel DSLR Camera

EOS Rebel T6

10. Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera

Nikon D3400 DSLR

11. XJW Mini Remote Control

It may look like a clothes hook but it’s actually a hidden spy camera which allows you to see what’s happening when you’re not at home or at the office.

Google [Trending Searches]


12. French election

13. Alien: Covenant


14. Princess Diana

15. 13 Reasons Why Season 2 


16. Masterchef Australia 2017

Daily Mail

17. MotoGP



19. Liverpool

The Sun

20. Cabotage policy 


21. Banksy


I hope you enjoyed the first of What’s [Unusually] Hot series. Catch you soon!


The {Other} Interestings #4

A new month means a new list of things for you to explore.

Happy Monday! If you’re feeling the blues, feel better by getting into the right mindset. For me, it has been helpful to think of Monday as a fresh start to the week. I write out my weekly goals to give myself some form of plan and believe it or not, it usually makes me feel motivated to start the week strong.

We’re heading into mid-2017 very soon. That said, how are you doing with your goals? Are you accomplishing them or have you fallen off the bandwagon? If you’re in the latter category, don’t fret. Find a quiet place, sit down, make yourself a beverage of your choice and review the goals that you’ve made.


Start off by identifying the things that made you lose track of your goals. Is it because you now have more important priorities? Or maybe you’re in the process of moving? Whatever it is, realize that life is ever-changing. So don’t be afraid to make changes to your goals when necessary.

You probably already know that goals are more achievable when they’re realistic and small. So how do you adapt goals to your current situation and make them realistic and small at the same time? Through trial and error, I find that the following method works best for me (I still go off-track sometimes, so you’re definitely not alone!).

  1. At the end of each month, I set aside time to review the goals I’ve set for myself in the previous month. [This allows you to tweak your goals based on your current situation]
  2. On a new page, I write down goals that I have or have not achieved. Depending on how important the goals are, I either set fewer or the same amount of goals for the month ahead. [This ensures that you create a realistic amount of goals and help keep you on the right track]
  3. I break down my “major” goals into 5 – 6 smaller weekly goals. [Achievable? Yes. Motivating? Very!]
  4. At the end of each week, I tick off goals I’ve achieved and take note of those I’ve started but need more time to finish.
  5. I then create another list of weekly goals until a new month comes around.

I personally think it’s important to set aside time to review or rethink your goals. Creating goals help you improve and become better. Imagine life without challenges or positive change. Last year, I made the mistake of setting a long list of goals at the start of the year. I eventually lost track of them and ended up feeling disappointed over my lack of achievements.

I’ve been adopting the above method in 2017 (with frequent revisions of course) and I find that it has helped me get more done in a week. However, I recommend that you take my advice with a grain of salt and do what’s best for you. Anyway, enough about goals. It’s been awhile since I shared interesting/ informative articles with you so I thought I’d do that today:

  • Remember I talked about challenging yourself? If you’re in your 20s and you’re considering a career change, this one‘s for you.
  • Do you get goosebumps when you listen to the soundtrack of LOTR, Interstellar or La-La Land? I do. But what are goosebumps and what is their purpose? Find out here.
  • Those interested in skincare and beauty would’ve heard of Glossier. Maybe it’s time to give these underrated beauty brands a chance?
  • One of my weaknesses is taking too much time to work on something and I usually don’t stop working until my bed time. I’m not proud of that but I’m trying to change. Interested in being a productive ninja? You’re welcome.
  • Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about personal branding. Here’s something useful if you’re attempting to put yourself out there.
  • Reading the world news can be disheartening, but what if you can share the love and contribute to others in some way?
  • Here’s something fun for you quiz lovers. Click here to find out how you’d react to expectations.
  • When something as classic and stylish as the women’s shirt is deconstructed, what would it look like?
  • Science + beauty = Microfluidics
  • History of fashion is always interesting. Here’s one on ruffles.

And that is all I have for you at the moment. I hope you enjoyed reading them!



The {Other} Interestings #3

It’s been awhile but here are some interesting/informational links for your mid-day reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re still making positive changes and working towards your 2017 resolutions. If you’ve been off track, I encourage you to set aside some time to reflect on it. Is it because the goals you set are too ambitious? Or is it because you’ve underestimated how busy you’ll be at the start of 2017?

Whatever the reasons, know that this doesn’t indicate uselessness or failure. Take a step back, spend time exploring what works for you, make mistakes and repeat. The key thing to remember here is that you’re a unique individual and only certain methods or steps allow you to achieve growth and success.

So get to know yourself and you do you! Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Don’t follow everything you see online to a T. They are only there for reference or inspiration.
  • Don’t follow your friends’ or family’s advises if they don’t work for you. Listen with an open mind but only take what works for you.
  • Celebrities aren’t always right.
  • Keep exploring and be consistent. A good way to do this is by writing notes in your journal or in your electronic device so you have a reference to look back on. This enables you to assess your situation and make adjustments when needed.
  • Learn to be patient. This is probably the most important thing to take note of. Without patience, you’ll be more likely to abandon your goals before any positive change can take place. Without patience, it’s unlikely that you’d experience satisfaction and growth.


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve joined the bullet journaling crew. It not only allows me to express my creativity, but it also makes me look at the big picture and stick with the goals I set for myself.

I decided to give bullet journaling a go after watching Rachel Nguyen’s video. While I did follow most of her methods, I included a monthly review section just because I feel that it helps me realize what needs to be improved on. In January, I managed to hit most goals but I also need to work on incorporating 3-4 running sessions per week, focus on job applications and decluttering my studio.

Anyway, time for the good stuff! I’ve rounded up some fascinating/informational links for your hump day reading pleasure:

  1. It’s no surprise that the information provided by the media remains highly influential. Just be careful about the quality of health advises provided by health and lifestyle magazines. In this case, Dolly beats the rest.
  2. Whether you realize this or not, Instagram is changing the way we eat and what we eat as well.
  3. I really like this series of photographs by Chris Crisman. These working women are kicking ass in their respective jobs.
  4.  Bachelor parties are the best right? I bet men enjoy them very much. According to Broadly, there’s more to them and they don’t always bring good memories.
  5. This one is for you girls who are obsessed with advent calendars. I really think they should be available all year round!
  6. What factors do you think will influence your shopping decisions? Find out here.
  7. If you’re a recent graduate and you don’t have connections with experts in the field you’re interested in, try cold calling and ask for an informational interview.
  8. Don’t know why your legs turn into jelly every time you walk past a pastry store? It all comes down to a series of chemical reactions known as the Maillard reactions.
  9. This great article by Darling gave me some insights on how to find the 25th hour in my day. Very inspiring!
  10. Learn more about how the collaboration between the University of Melbourne and Rubicon can help improve food sustainability and save water in the future.


Before I sign off, I want you remind you to seize the day and make it yours. Take care!



The {Other} Interestings #2

Did you come across anything interesting this week? Here are 10 links that might intrigue or be useful to you.

Salut! How’s everyone doing? Did you have a nice weekend?

Last Friday, I decided to have dinner with my Tae Kwon Do friends after being missing in action for almost 6 months. I’m glad that everyone still remembers me and we’d talk as if I’ve been around. We did a quick recap on what we’re currently up to, debated on whether to get fried chicken with bones, talked about the price of flight tickets, discussed who gets the last few pieces of chicken when everyone was showing symptoms of food coma and dealt with a minor case of miscommunication. I have to say, it feels good to be back.


On Saturday, the committee organized an annual party for the Tae Kwon Do club members. We had a lovely lunch at Han Guuk Guan and went straight to K Box for a karaoke session. I didn’t pick songs for myself because they were too many to choose from. I ended up just singing along to every song that I know. When Hey Ya! by OutKast came on, we all went a little crazy. It’s an old song but it’s so fun!

Screenshot from Hey Ya!

Oh, R and I also watched Swiss Army Man, The Nice Guys and the latest Jason Bourne movie over the weekend. Swiss Army Man is one of the WEIRDEST movie I’ve seen. Then again, I like interesting and wacky movies. They make good conversations, they represent creative thinking at its finest (it depends), they make you ponder and they’re unpredictable. There’s nothing worse than realizing that you figured out the whole film even before it ends. Is it just me or do you all agree?

Anyway, tell me about your weekend and enjoy the links I’ve gathered for your reading pleasure:

  1. Written by Alexander Shulman herself, the editor of British Vogue invites you to take a glimpse into her life and discover the history of the magazine empire. If you like fashion, I think you’ll enjoy this!
  2. I don’t know much about press photography but Professor Sally Young (from the School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne) did a great job in explaining how press photos were taken and how they influence ideas held by the public.
  3. Chocolate lovers, here’s one for you! Learn how ultrasound can aid the process of chocolate making and prevent wastage in the future.
  4. One of my goals is to read as much as I can but sometimes it seems impossible to do so. Then I found Claire Diaz-Ortiz. She’s well versed in business, she maintains a blog, she’s an author and a speaker, she teach others how to be more productive…you get the picture. She’s a busy individual and yet she managed to read about 100+ books last year (her goal for 2016 is 200). Want tips on how to read more? Take it from the master!!
  5. Immersing yourself in a quiet environment can do you good and this trend is taking over the world. 
  6. The Museum of Broken Relationships anyone?
  7. You got your dream job but you dread going to work. You find yourself thinking about the side project that you’ve been working on for the past few months. Read what Trent Hamm has to say about The Myths and Realities of ‘Doing What You Love’.
  8. Who would’ve known that a king could have so much influence on a country’s fashion industry?
  9. Behavioral science attempts to explain how Trump became the 45th president of the U.S.
  10. Is it possible that nature changes according to our routines?


The {Other} Interestings #1

No, I won’t be talking about Meg Wolitzer’s book or anything else that relates to it (though it does look like an interesting read).

In the first half of October, I have gathered some links to articles that are either fascinating or helpful. They are usually bookmarked because I want to have a selection of topics to choose from when I decide on the content for my next blog post. Sure, I can expand and write about all of them, but I feel that it is better to choose one article that really excites or move me emotionally.

These other interestings didn’t make the cut. Nevertheless, they are worth mentioning:

  • I have heard so many people complain about not having enough time to eat healthily or read (I’m guilty of this one). Maybe Nicola Appleton can help you change this?
  • Have 5 minutes to spare? Read about the changes in a human’s brain and body during a digital detox.
  • I know we all suffer from this – comparing our lives with somebody else’s. Stop listening to your peers!
  • If you’re currently doing internships, the tips and advises shared on My Interning Life could be helpful for you. Start by learning how to be the best intern.
  • These two articles from my alma mater really taught me a thing or two about dogs and cats.
  • Where do you spritz your favorite perfume?
  • If you like taking long trips on a train, maybe this one will inspire you to pack your bags and hop on one soon.
  • Not your average eye candy.
  • I’m sure you’ve heard of the TV program called Shark Tank? If not, check out the interesting inventions put forward by former contestants.
  • I personally really like this one by i-D; when passion is prioritized over one’s safety.

Now, I’ll leave you with a list of things I noticed while I was paying attention in the digital world:

  1. Someone left a quarter of a watermelon on a tram stop bench. Still nicely wrapped in plastic.
  2. R told me there are rabbits loitering around the Royal Park but I thought it was quite unlikely as it is located close to buildings and the main roads. Last Monday, I finally saw one on my walk back home.
  3. A family of four busy getting on with their lives in a campervan (which makes me wonder if I will ever get the chance to travel in one soon).
  4. A Caucasian child in a pram spoke Mandarin with her grandfather. I was really surprised but I soon understand when I had a look at her guardian.
  5. Pokémon Go is no longer on everyone’s phone screen.

Have a great Monday and I hope you enjoy going through the links!