By the time I was 23, I started and abandoned three blogs with different names. 

The first was like a diary. I poured my heart and soul onto the digital space. I always felt better after but I became uncomfortable as I grew older.

The second was more of a mixed bag. I wrote about my weekends (details are kept to the minimal, nothing too personal), re-posted photos of my favorite fashion trends and put up lyrics and short stories I produced during my free time.

The third was created during my senior year in university. I was frequently inspired by the things I read as an English Literature student. I needed an outlet for creative writing as well as fashion (my love for it will never die).

Unfortunately, none survived the test of time.

As 2016 draws to a close, I realized that I’m still the same person as I was the year before. I wasn’t moving forward. So to set a personal record of some sort, I started Keeping Up With Curiosity with the intention to practice existing skills, learn new ones and explore topics I’m not familiar with.


Welcome to my space.