Trenery Style Edit 2.0 // Summer 2018

Do you have a tomboy/rectangular body shape but you never know how to style it? Read on to find out as I share a few outfit ideas and styling tricks with you.


Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope the first three weeks of January was relaxing/exciting/eye-opening for you. I still have a lot to deal with (mainly with cleaning out my physical and digital space) but I’m enjoying driving again, catching up with friends and conquering my addiction with YouTube (Are you guilty of this too?).

I’m learning to be flexible with my schedule. I used to get irritated if I miss one or two to-dos but saying yes to spontaneous activities doesn’t hurt, especially when it’s with my family. That said, my productivity level has been dipping and a recent episode of food poisoning made it worst. Nevertheless, I’m excited to get back on track and what better way to start things off with a “how to style” post?

Last week I created three trendy summer looks for women with an hourglass figure and gave tips on how to accentuate certain body parts. This time, I’d like to focus on those who have a tomboy or a rectangular figure. Women with a rectangular body shape would have similar measurements on the shoulders and hip. They’re also usually smaller in the bust department.

Source: The Image Consulting Company

If you’re thinking, is it even possible to create shape on a shapeless figure? The answer is absolutely and the trick is learning how to play with lines and patterns as well as understanding which designs suit your body frame. The outfit above is great for someone with a tomboy figure for a number of reasons. First, the stripes on the dress (1.) run at different angles. Instead of uniform horizontal lines, which creates a widening illusion, this dress conjures an hourglass shape. The flared out sleeves on the top half creates the illusion of a wider upper body. The double pointed darts cinches in at the waist while the (slight) A-line skirt creates a wider lower body. The result? An hourglass-looking figure!

Summer 2

Although this look-book is for women 160 cm and above, there’s no harm trying to look taller. A pair of wedge with a t-bar in the center (like the one shown above) can help elongate the legs and make you look a few inches taller. Finish this casual yet classic look with a pair of pinkish acetate earrings and a leather clutch that carries not only your makeup and credit card but also your mobile phone.

  1. Silk Mixed Striped Direction Dress $349
  2. Jemima Clutch $119
  3. Holloway Earrings $49.95
  4. Melena Wedge $99.95

Want something more polished? This white linen twill pant (2.) is what you need. In the summer, you want to wear something that keeps you cool and doesn’t stick to your skin. Linen’s weave, fiber and its “stiffness” do just that, allowing you to experience optimal comfort. Use the belt to create a smaller waistline and lightly tuck the flowy top (1.) into the pant and voila! If you have a wide set of shoulders, choose v neck tops as they guide the eyes downward instead of across. On a side note, silk is also great for summer since it’s known for its impressive moisture wicking properties. But if you tend to sweat a lot it’s best to avoid wearing silk. Don a pair of pale blue leather loafers (3.) for added interest and sling a reasonably sized leather bag (4.) for an understated elegant look. This combination is great for weekend meetings, shopping or brunch. Have an evening event to attend? Switch out the loafers and sling bag for a pair of red stilettos and baby pink knot bow clutch.

  1. Silk Textured Diamond Print Top $199
  2. Twill Belted Pant $149
  3. Nubuck Nancy Loafer $99.95
  4. Chelsea Sling $119

Summer 2_p2

For the third outfit, I went for something more girly and casual. A silk tank top (1.) and a cotton pleated skirt (3.) not only keep off the heat but they’re functional enough to run errands in. The thin straps of the silk tank give the impression of wider shoulders while the pleated A-line skirt defines the waist even more. You can achieve an hourglass figure with this look but if the flair of the skirt is too much or if the fabric is too stiff, you’ll end up with a pear shaped figure instead (since your shoulders will now be smaller than the bottom half of your body). Look for A-line skirts that are not too stiff and when you try it on the fabric should fall nicely from your hips down to your knees. Since the outfit is quite plain, I chose a sling bag with stripes and hints of tan. Sling bags are great when you need both hands to run errands. It also minimizes the chances of it slipping off your shoulder so that’s one less thing to worry about. Finalement, always be mindful to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays and be generous with your sunscreen. Wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and finish the look with Trenery’s leather Agatha flats for a relaxed yet sophisticated look.

  1. Silk Tank $89.95
  2. Portofino Sunglasses $179
  3. Poplin Pleated Skirt $99.95
  4. Cotton Sylvie Sling Bag $59.95
  5. Agatha Flat $79.95

I hope you feel inspired and that the styling tips will guide you during your next shopping session. Feel free to ask any style related questions if you have them. Also, would you like to see a look book for petite and plus sized women? Let me know!

Benefits of Wearing Linen Clothes in Summer
Benefits of silk clothing


Note: all outfits are styled using Trenery’s products.

Trenery Style Edit // Summer 2018

Not sure how to dress an hourglass figure? I got you covered with 3 outfit ideas and more!

Happy 2018 everyone! For some of you, the New Year brings about a new set of opportunities. Whether it’s a new job, meeting new people or attending housewarming and birthday parties, I got you covered in the outfit department.

In the next few posts, I’ll share some tips on how to style for your body type and look good in different occasions. Got an hourglass body shape and in need of some style inspiration? Read on!


Need help determining your body shape? Find out more here.

All of the products listed in the next few look books are taken from an Australian brand named Trenery. I’ve been keeping an eye on their new releases and I feel that their modern yet classic designs could be easily incorporated into everyone’s wardrobe. Plus, Trenery’s commitment to make every product sustainable is an effort worth supporting. Remember that fashion is not just about expressing your style, it’s also learning how to make your pieces work for a variety of occasions (refrain from purchasing a piece of clothing for one occasion).

The center piece of this look-book will be Trenery’s linen paisley print skirt (1.). I picked it because it lightly wraps around the lower body and shows off the curves, perfect for those who are self-conscious but still want to flaunt their figure. Since the black jersey t-shirt is loose, tuck it into the skirt to enhance your hourglass shape. The elasticated skirt and a loose top is a great combination if you need to attend an event where plenty of food will be served. Give this dressy number a casual vibe with a pair of fresh white leather sneakers and a russet suede bag. Top it off with a pair of dark forest acetate sunglasses. You could also wear the same exact outfit in the colder months. Just add on a black or red PVC outerwear and layer a pair of tights for a futuristic touch.

  1. Linen Paisley Print Elasticated Skirt $129
  2.  Jersey Tuck Front Detail T-Shirt $69.95
  3. Leather Candice Sneakers $99.95
  4. Leather Suede Duke Saddle Bag $129
  5. Acetate Bondi Sunglasses $149


Here are two more looks that could be dressed up or down with the same skirt. One way to make your clothes work harder is to experiment and pair it with tops of different cuts and designs. If you have a formal event to go to or a date night, the outfit on the right is a good option. The tie detail on the stomach area helps create definition around the waist and when combined with a pencil skirt, this outfit will bring out the curves at the right places. Put on a pair of unique earrings (3.) and trio-colored heels (5.) to add interest to the outfit. Need to up the elegance level? Carry a sleek shoulder leather bag as shown in this look book (4.).

  1. Linen Paisley Print Elasticated Skirt $129
  2. Cotton Modal Ponte Surplice Hem Tank $49.95
  3. Acetate Silver Finish Utica Earrings $49.95
  4. Pebble Leather Jemima Sling Bag $279
  5. Contrast Leather Olivia Mid Heel Sandal $99.95

One of my goals is to visit places I’ve never been to and top on my list is the National Gallery of Kuala Lumpur! If you love strolling around the city during the weekends, you could take inspiration from the outfit on the left. Women who live in tropical countries tend to face the problem of going between air-conditioned (sometimes heavily) shopping malls or exhibition centers and hot and humid outdoors. What should one wear in this situation? A cotton long sleeve top (2.) will temporarily keep you warm while you’re indoors but the light yet breathable material will cool you down once you’re outdoors. Plus a skirt is always more cooling than wearing a pair of jeans. Since prints and pastels are in trend, I created a fun print-on-print outfit with pastel pink sandals and accessory to pull the look together. This outfit combination is also great for brunch and weekend classes.

  1. Linen Paisley Print Elasticated Skirt $129
  2. Cotton Silk Poppy Print Tulip Sleeve Top $89.95
  3. Pebble Leather Chelsea Sling Bag $119
  4. Leather Aubrey Sandal $129

Know that you don’t have to purchase everything that’s on trend to be stylish. Marketing has shaped our thinking in that way to keep us buying. To channel style is to wear what you like, whenever you like. True style, in my opinion, is never about wearing what’s hot for the season, it’s about wearing something that you’re comfortable and confident in.

Here’s to experimentation and true style,