The {Other} Interestings #6

It’s been awhile since I shared some links with you peeps. Here are the lucky 8!


Hello everyone! I hope your week is going great! Today I’d like to share with you a couple of links to some interesting reads. As I was writing this, I realized that they’re mostly fashion and health related, so if you’re not a fan perhaps skip this one?

1.This isn’t news, technology is everywhere. But what I didn’t know was fashion empires running hackathons to inspire innovation. Find out why Conde Nast is doing it.

2. Curious about what sort of careers would be common in fashion 5 years from now? One of them probably has a 3D printer at home too.

3. If you like good quality shoes and you wish you have the power to design them, this site is for you. You’re welcome.

Photo by Lee Aik Soon on Unsplash

4. City boys and gals, learn more about how you could protect your skin with Into The Gloss!

5. I’ve heard of returnable bras but returnable underwear?

6. Remember all those uncomfortable nights you’ve endured, is it because you’re lactose intolerant or is it an allergic reaction to milk? investigates.

7. When I was an undergraduate, I had fun analyzing advertisements and discovering its underlying meanings. Jonathan Jones from the Guardian uncovered something distant and dark in the recent fashion campaigns.

8. Just signed up for a marathon but you have no idea how to train for it? Fear not, realbuzz got you rookies covered with these 5 tips.

Any thoughts? Feel free to drop me a comment and enjoy the rest of your week!


The Unrequited Love Poem [2]

I give and they take

my energy. It seems to be running dry as the years go by.

Yet, I wake up each morning and muster all that I have so I can keep giving.

I give and she takes. I was there for her and I walk upon the land of Melancholy for her.

These advice I keep giving.

Yet, all I get from her is a concoction of silence, indifference and annoyance.

I give and he takes

my hard earned money to invest; not in self-improvement but on entertainment.

I tried to teach him a lesson but he was in too deep. In the end, I could no longer give.

I stopped giving because

he took my life.



Outside The Window [1]

I stirred a few times throughout the night and when I decided to wake up, it was already 9:06. I didn’t have the best sleep but I felt fine.

“Yesterday was a fun night.” I thought to myself. I know the next thing I did was to reach for my phone but I couldn’t remember what I looked at. Maybe I checked my e-mails? Maybe I just looked at the time? Mornings are usually a blur (but not always).

(Rosa was in the bathroom at the time.)

I made my way to the kitchen and filled my bottle with tap water. “Need to drink more fluids today.” I thought to myself. I turned and faced the balcony.

(It’s a gloomy day.)

As I raise the blinds in Rosa’s small bedroom window, her x-ray scans slowly reveal themselves. She thought it was cool to stick them to the window so when the light shines through, those present would be able to see the skeletons of her hand.

(I remember the photo Rosa took when she first put them up. I smiled at the memory.)

My gaze moved up to the unfrosted section of the window and took in the scene through the mesh screen. As usual, a concrete wall with vertical grooves stared back at me. The only difference is that the color of the wall changes with the weather and today it looked a few shades darker than usual.

(Light and human perception. I was fascinated by that topic when I was an undergraduate.)

I picked up my book from the cabinet and snuggled into Rosa’s bed, only to realize it was too dark to read without the lights. I was too comfortable to move so I reached long for my phone (I left it on the table) and rested in an awkward position (I had my elbows on the carpet and my lower body on the bed).

Just then Rosa walked into the bedroom, looked at me and started laughing. I put my phone away, returned to a sitting position and giggled. Rosa jumped in and we snuggled under her warm covers and talked for a while.

(After that we had our spontaneous morning reading session in bed.)

Outside the window, the concrete wall with vertical grooves remained in the shadows of the clouds. Nothing interesting really, but I’m glad that wasn’t the case with the books we were reading.

Featured image: Lynnie Zulu‘s Hiding All Away

This here is my attempt at creative writing in 2017. I used to do this quite often and I’ve forgotten how enjoyable (and challenging) it is. There are no strict rules. I just write whatever comes to mind when I look at the prompt words kindly prepared by

P.S. The characters may or may not be real.

Let me know what you think!