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Mimi Wade FW 2017/18

pinterest mimi wade fw1718
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Sneakers never seem to go out of style do they? That’s a good thing because a great pair can last you ages as well as keep you comfortable and stylish (that’s if you choose wisely).



Old Skool Shoe Skyway $119.95



Matador $49 (sale item)



One Star Vintage Suede Low Top Vintage (Khaki) $130

If I have to choose between heels and sneakers, I’ll go for the latter. I’m not one to put my feet through a hard time just to look presentable. Now that dress codes are less rigid, experiment by pairing your sneakers with outfits for all occasions. You’d be surprised by how well it works with a formal attire.

Source: Wheretoget

Celine FW 2017/18

Although most would consider metallics a trend, it doesn’t have to be. Use fashion to represent your personal style and wear metallics whenever you feel like it and however you want it. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.



Solo Kitten Heels $60


[Vaux Shop]

Vintage 70s White Patent Pointed Kitten Heels $68 (USD)

For me, the right dose of metallics can give an edge to a simple ensemble and if you want to try the futuristic look, these shiny things could do no wrong.

Source: Oystermag

Giada SS 2017

giada spring summer 2017 pinterest
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Besides sneakers, flats are also my favorite type of shoes. Some brands make incredibly comfortable ones and they can be dressed up or down depending on the design of the flats. The following suggestions are great for casual outings, weddings, corporate wear, just to name a few.


(clockwise from top)


Red Flats Ankle Strap Pointed Toe Slingback Shoes $59.99


Sienna Grommeted Suede Ankle-Strap Flats $103.20


Shilo Blush Microsuede $52.47

Pointed toe shoes are great for those who want to elongate their legs. And if you’re short, try pairing the color of your pants and shoes to create the illusion that you have long legs.

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Featured photo by Martino Pietropoli

Make Your Home A Better Place Now

This weekend’s post is about reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the landfill. Discover organizations such as TerraCycle and the RED Group as well as learn how you could recycle the “non-recyclables”.


I learned how to protect the environment through school and my parents. We recycle newspapers, magazines and we limit our use of plastic bags by storing reusable bags in the car. Our actions demonstrate that we care for the environment but I don’t think we’re doing much to save the environment at all.

Although my parents use recycling bags when running errands, they often come back from the wet market with more plastic bags. My mom collects glass jars and plastic containers and recycle them in the city but she throws away plastic packaging when she unpacks the groceries. Now do you think I’d do better than my parents? Unfortunately, no. Sometimes I accept plastic bags from vendors because I use them to line my trash bin. I also throw away plastic packaging when I unpack my groceries.

My mom uses a tiffin carrier to store me and my brother’s breakfast. Source: Project Bly

A few months ago, I finally decided to do what I can to change my current habits in order to make my home a better place. The three categories I need to work on is recycling beauty products, oral care products and soft plastics the right way.

Think about how you’d normally dispose beauty, body care and oral care products? Do you put them into the regular recycling bin? If so, you need to stop doing that! According to the Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA), we can only put the following items into the yellow recycling bin:

  • newspapers, paper, magazines
  • cardboard
  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastic containers (soft drinks, milk, ice cream, margarine and yogurt)
  • aluminium
  • steel cans

Why is that you say? Because the type of plastic used to create the tubes and containers for beauty, body care and oral care products are different. Hence, you need to recycle them through a different channel. If you live in Australia, you could do that through TerraCycle. TerraCycle collaborates with major consumer product companies, retailers, manufacturers and small business in 20 different countries to recycle coffee capsules, pens, plastic gloves and more. TerraCycle offers free recycling programs and solutions to make recycling a part of our lifestyle. All you have to do is sign up (it’s free), start collecting (from home, office or school), download the free shipping labels and send your waste to be recycled (you can opt to drop them off). Members are rewarded with TerraCycle points which they can redeem for cash and donate to a non-profit organization or school of their choice. I signed up for the Beauty Products Recycling Program a few months ago and I’ve collected up to 10 products to date. TerraCycle can expect a huge box of goodies once I’m ready to move out!



Tom Szaky was 19 years old when he first got the idea for TerraCycle. The Princeton freshman wanted to eliminate waste by making quality fertilizer from food waste. Szaky went through a hard time and was close to giving up until he met Suman Sinha, TerraCycle’s first investor. Read the rest of the story here.

If you’re not sure what to do with the plastic packaging you get from the supermarkets, don’t fret. You can recycle them through the REDcycle program. RED Group is a Melbourne based consulting and recycling organisation that developed and implemented the program that allows consumers to recycle soft plastic such as bread bag, pasta and rice bags, old green bags, cereal box liners, just to name a few. Over the years, RED Group has teamed up with Coles, Woolworths and other Australia’s well-loved brands to make recycling easier for consumers.

Although major supermarkets in Australia do take part in this green initiative, I feel that they could’ve done a better job. We know that consumers and manufacturers use a stupid amount of plastic everyday (if you don’t, look it up) so I assume major supermarkets would have a REDcycle bin in all of their outlets. But it turns out that I have to go to specific places to drop off the soft plastics I’ve collected. What’s even more frustrating is that the Woolworths I shop at is located in one of the busiest areas in the city and yet there’s not a single REDcycle bin in sight. If they don’t make recycling convenient for consumers, how are we supposed to reduce the amount of plastic packaging that goes out to the landfill?

TerraCycle’s main office: the desks are separated with items like old records and cork boards. Source:
Office Lobby: the furniture, chairs and table are made from secondhand materials. Source:
The upcycled “carden”. Source:

Usually I’d vent about it and then move on. But this time I decided to write to Woolworths. I explained the situation and noted down the benefits of having a REDcycle bin at QV centre. They wrote back saying that they’re aware of the situation and is in the process of rolling out the REDcycle program to the rest of the outlets. I’m so glad to hear that.

Take a moment to reflect on your current lifestyle habits. Do you consider yourself an environmentally friendly person or you don’t really care? If you’re in the latter category, why do you think that? Consuming is a big part of our lives and it’s worth taking the initiative to reduce unnecessary waste. Make your home a better place now and be mindful when you consume.


You can make a difference.


Brand Feature // Mon Purse

If you like high quality leather goods (big and small) and the option to customize, Mon Purse offers all that and more.

The Brand

Have you ever experienced the situation where you found a bag that you love but there was just one detail that doesn’t fit your style? We’ve all been there and thankfully there are brands out there that come to our rescue.

Mon Purse is one such brand.

Founded by Lana Hopkins, the Australian brand hand selects high quality leather and raw materials to produce leather goods that will last a lifetime. The best thing about Mon Purse is that customers are given the power to design their leather goods and by working with generational craftsmen, Mon Purse ensures that its customers get the products that they’ve envisioned and will truly love.

In terms of design, customers can emboss their initials or icons and symbols on the product of their choice. Mon Purse even provide the option to choose the color of the hardware (comes with a selection of gold, silver, rose gold and gunmetal) as well as the type of leather. Whether you’re drawn to grainy leather, vegetable tanned leather, or crocodile embossed leather, there’s something for everyone!

Besides bags and pouches, Mon Purse also sell small leather goods such as card holders, Iphone accessories and metal letter charms.

From The Founder

Lana-Hopkins-CEO-and-Founder-of-Mon-PurseIMG_6847_the cusp
Source: The Cusp

Lana was shopping for the perfect handbag at Westfield Bondi Junction but like most women, she couldn’t find the one that she wanted. And as she was building her nephew’s perfect teddy bear at Build-A-Bear workshop, she thought why not create something that allows women to do the same? With that, Mon Purse was born in 2014.

It’s definitely not easy to run a business but after two years of hard work, Mon Purse is now valued at over $30 million, with departments available in Selfridges (London), Bloomingdale (US), and Myers (Australia).

Do you see yourself as more a designer or as working in technology?

The combination of fashion and technology is a natural partnership – the two work together in harmony. Technology has enabled consumers to personalise and customise current trends to suit their own style. Fashion is something people love and are passionate about – technology is simply the unseen mechanism of making dreams possible.

Biggest pinch me moment…

  • We launched in beta (online) in October 2014 and have only been truly trading for less than one and a half years, during this time we managed to open our Paddington flagship store, signed an exclusive deal with MYER (we currently have 5 concessions Australia wide, with more to come in 2017).
  • Partnered with two of the most prestigious department stores in the world, Selfridges and Bloomingdales.
  • From 17 million design combinations on our bag builder to 6 billion and growing.


Biggest piece of advice…

When it gets too hard, just keep going because that is when breakthroughs tend to happen. Impossible is nothing.

If you could change one thing about the fashion industry, what would it be and why?

Quality should trump everything. Our philosophy is to invest in nothing but the finest luxury European leathers and craftsmanship. Consumers understand quality – we must think solely about the consumers’ needs, and provide them with what they want, how they want and when they want it. It is very important to remain relevant and authentic. Consumers are intelligent and authenticity creates magic.

Tell us something about you that not many people know.

I was born in Russia, moved to Australia when I was quite young and grew up in a small place called Armidale, in countryside New South Wales – a gorgeous part of the world. I can also speak fluent Russian.

Source: and

Find out more here:



What’s [Unusually] Hot? #072017

Lately, Australians are loving the Harry Potter costumes while the U.S. and U.K. citizens have fountain pens and tumble dryers on their minds. What else is in the top 10 list for these 3 countries?

Hello lovely people! August is here and Spring is fast approaching. I have a feeling that my running shoes will hit the roads more often in the following weeks!

The last time I wrote up a trend report was three months ago and I thought it’s about time to discover what consumers are loving lately.


1. Harry Potter Costumes

Coincidentally, my friends are I are planning to do a Harry Potter marathon soon. Should we be wearing the costumes while we’re at it? Maybe. 

the sun
Source: The Sun

2. Discontinued iPods 

My brother found one on the street years ago and I still have mine kept away in a box somewhere in my hometown. I wonder how much I’ll get back if I sell them now…

3. Rick & Morty Merchandise

Not a fan (I can’t stand Morty’s voice) but my boyfriend loves this series. 

4. Air plants

Source: Pinterest

5. Google Home

An air freshener-looking assistant anyone? Hey Google, play me Atomic Blonde’s soundtrack. Oh and put that on repeat until I tell you otherwise. 

6. Seiko 5

An oldie from 1963 is making a comeback. I actually quite like the design.


7. Magnetic Eyelashes

For those of you who struggle with glue, magnets could be your friend. 

8. Vinyl Records

If you use vinyl records to decorate your bedroom wall, it’s time to take them down.

Source: Analog Jazz

9. Bose headphones

10. Wedding dresses

What type of dress do you like? Long sleeve, sheer and unconventional designs are my go-to.

Source: Praise Wedding

United States

1. Fountain Pen

2. Polaris Slingshot

I have no idea these exist but they sure look cool.

Source: Ultimate Motorcycling

3. MacBook

4. OMEGA Speedmaster

“The Omega Speedmaster wasn’t the first watch in space, but the first worn on the moon, on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin on July 21st 1969. Neil Armstrong had left his Speedmaster in the Lunar Module as a back-up for the onboard timekeeping system.”

5. JBL

6. Pinball machine

7. Brandy Melville

This brand is an interesting one. It doesn’t have an ABOUT US section and most of its Instagram posts only have #brandyusa in the caption. Despite that, Brandy Melville has a strong following of 3.9m and I bet they are stylish young women who enjoys everyday life and live in basics.

rose bodysuit
Rose Bodysuit $28
robbie dress
Robbie Dress $38

8. Pencil case

When I was in primary school, all I wanted was to change up my pencil case and school bag every once in a while. Of course my mum would tell me I don’t need them. Can anyone relate?

9. Vintage Pyrex

I’m pretty sure my future kitchen would look something like this…


10. Star Wars Black Series

United Kingdom

1. Tumble Dryer

Top on the list! How unusual.

2. Board games

3. Philips One Blade

4. Fleetwood Mac

I checked this band out on Spotify and realized I’ve heard Everywhere over the radio when I was younger.


5. Miitopia

“Miitopia starts off with a familiar story: A heroic Mii is called upon by the citizens of the vast kingdom to save the land. With a party of three other Miis, the character journeys from town to town, battling enemies, unlocking treasure chests and taking down bosses throughout their quest.”

6. Star Wars bobble head

7. Passchendaele

For those of you who aren’t clued-up, here’s a summary of the Third Battle of Ypres (July 31 – November 6, 1917). 

Soldiers during the First World War’s battle of Passchendaele. Credit: PA

When the British commander Sir Douglas Haig received a warning about a German blockade, he decided to lead his men into the Belgian coast to destroy the German submarine bases there. Days into the attack, Ypres suffered the heaviest rain for 30 years causing tanks to immobilize, rifles to clog up and turn shelters into swamps. As if things couldn’t get worst, the constant shelling during the war smashed the drainage systems, leading to the deaths of countless men and animals as they drown in the quagmire. 

8. Golf clubs iron set

9. Adidas NMD_XR1


10. Huel

Huel is a nutritionally complete powdered food ​that contains all the proteins, carbs, and fats you need, plus at least 100% of the European Union’s “Daily Recommended Amounts” of all 26 essential vitamins and minerals​. Huel is 100% vegan (better for the environment and animals), super convenient, high in protein (148g per 2000 calories) and fibre (35g), contains just 4.6 grams of sugar per 2000 calories (no added sugar), requires minimal packaging and has a shelf-life of 12 months (so zero food waste).

Source: Foodbev Media

If you want to try this, I recommend that you do some research and listen to what others have to say before you commit. 



Jewelry Edit // Opals

Lusting over Australia’s national gemstone – the opal.

I first heard of opals when I visited Melbourne back in 2010. I’ve always been a fan of gemstones and crystals but I don’t own jewelry of that kind until recently.

A few weeks ago, I came across a sale at Rochi’s Opals (168 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000) and I couldn’t help but step inside to see if there’s anything that catches my eye. Although I don’t look for specific types of jewelry, I tend to gravitate towards rings. I think it’s the perfect jewelry to wear no matter the season as bangles and necklaces are usually covered up by turtleneck knits, scarves and jackets.

Most of the rings available at Rochi’s are simple and dainty (see above), which is perfect for the minimalist but they also look common. I like unique jewelry (and clothing and decorations) that speaks to my personal style and what’s not to love when most people don’t own what you have? I’m currently in a phase where all chunky and non symmetrical pieces appeal to me and I hope to eventually build a collection of jewelry that I adore and would wear for years to come.

Do you know much about opals? If not, I got you covered. Opal is a gemstone found mainly in Australia and it’s one of only six types of precious gemstones – alongside diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls – found on planet earth.

Myth: Opals are bad luck.

Fact: The ‘bad luck’ myth is the result of centuries of misinformation, superstition, wives’ tales, and jealous diamond traders spreading rumours. Opal has also been considered a good luck talisman and lucky charm throughout the ages, and has been prized by many civilisations. Find out more about the ‘bad luck’ opal myth.

The two main variety of opal are precious opal and common opal. The former presents a pseudo chromatic optical effect and is considerably rare while the latter is dull and valueless. About 95% of all opal mined is common (they’re usually white, grey, black) and of the 5% that has some color, only 0.25% has value while the rest is of mediocre grade.

Myth: Opals are extremely fragile and will break very easily.

Fact: It’s true that opals are more fragile than most gemstones, however they’re not as fragile as some people imagine. Opals are about the same hardness as glass, so imagine you’re wearing a piece of glass and you’ll get the idea. Boulder opals and opals with a low cabochon are sturdier and less easy to damage.

The value of opal depends on a range of factors such as body tone, brilliance and pattern. Body tone refers to the underlying color of the opal which can differ from black through to dark and light. Those with black or dark body tone are deemed more valuable than white or light body tone because the former tends to display colors more vibrantly. Precious opals are also more likely to display a spectrum of color when light passes through the tiny silica spheres in the micro-structure of the opal.

If you’re thinking of getting opal jewelry, educate yourself on how to care for them. First, identify the type of opal you have. Is it a doublet, triplet or a solid opal?

  • Doublet: Has two layers, a thin slice of opal and a black backing.
  • Triplet: Similar to doublet but has a third transparent layer on top (quartz or glass) to protect the opal.
  • Solid: It’s in its natural state and has been cut and polished.

Opal is only as hard as glass, so if there’s a chance it’ll be scratched or broken, remove the jewelry beforehand. To keep your opals looking pristine, take note of the following:

  • Doublets and triplets: Avoid prolonged exposure to water as layers in the opal will be lifted, resulting in a ‘foggy’ or grey appearance. Clean doublets and triplets with a damp soft cloth and mild detergent. Never soak or immerse them!
  • Solid: Unlike doublets and triples, solid opals are fine in water. However, since most precious opals have 5 – 6% water, they may crack if subjected to very dry conditions or rapid temperature changes. Avoid very high temperatures or low humidity extremes (Do you work for the bank? Watch out for zero humidity bank vaults).

In the end, I didn’t purchase any rings from Rochi’s Opals but I did get two gold necklaces with little blue-green opals on them. Now I just got to wait for the right time to wear them.


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