The {Other} Interestings #4

A new month means a new list of things for you to explore.


Happy Monday! If you’re feeling the blues, feel better by getting into the right mindset. For me, it has been helpful to think of Monday as a fresh start to the week. I write out my weekly goals to give myself some form of plan and believe it or not, it usually makes me feel motivated to start the week strong.

We’re heading into mid-2017 very soon. That said, how are you doing with your goals? Are you accomplishing them or have you fallen off the bandwagon? If you’re in the latter category, don’t fret. Find a quiet place, sit down, make yourself a beverage of your choice and review the goals that you’ve made.


Start off by identifying the things that made you lose track of your goals. Is it because you now have more important priorities? Or maybe you’re in the process of moving? Whatever it is, realize that life is ever-changing. So don’t be afraid to make changes to your goals when necessary.

You probably already know that goals are more achievable when they’re realistic and small. So how do you adapt goals to your current situation and make them realistic and small at the same time? Through trial and error, I find that the following method works best for me (I still go off-track sometimes, so you’re definitely not alone!).

  1. At the end of each month, I set aside time to review the goals I’ve set for myself in the previous month. [This allows you to tweak your goals based on your current situation]
  2. On a new page, I write down goals that I have or have not achieved. Depending on how important the goals are, I either set fewer or the same amount of goals for the month ahead. [This ensures that you create a realistic amount of goals and help keep you on the right track]
  3. I break down my “major” goals into 5 – 6 smaller weekly goals. [Achievable? Yes. Motivating? Very!]
  4. At the end of each week, I tick off goals I’ve achieved and take note of those I’ve started but need more time to finish.
  5. I then create another list of weekly goals until a new month comes around.

I personally think it’s important to set aside time to review or rethink your goals. Creating goals help you improve and become better. Imagine life without challenges or positive change. Last year, I made the mistake of setting a long list of goals at the start of the year. I eventually lost track of them and ended up feeling disappointed over my lack of achievements.

I’ve been adopting the above method in 2017 (with frequent revisions of course) and I find that it has helped me get more done in a week. However, I recommend that you take my advice with a grain of salt and do what’s best for you. Anyway, enough about goals. It’s been awhile since I shared interesting/ informative articles with you so I thought I’d do that today:

  • Remember I talked about challenging yourself? If you’re in your 20s and you’re considering a career change, this one‘s for you.
  • Do you get goosebumps when you listen to the soundtrack of LOTR, Interstellar or La-La Land? I do. But what are goosebumps and what is their purpose? Find out here.
  • Those interested in skincare and beauty would’ve heard of Glossier. Maybe it’s time to give these underrated beauty brands a chance?
  • One of my weaknesses is taking too much time to work on something and I usually don’t stop working until my bed time. I’m not proud of that but I’m trying to change. Interested in being a productive ninja? You’re welcome.
  • Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about personal branding. Here’s something useful if you’re attempting to put yourself out there.
  • Reading the world news can be disheartening, but what if you can share the love and contribute to others in some way?
  • Here’s something fun for you quiz lovers. Click here to find out how you’d react to expectations.
  • When something as classic and stylish as the women’s shirt is deconstructed, what would it look like?
  • Science + beauty = Microfluidics
  • History of fashion is always interesting. Here’s one on ruffles.

And that is all I have for you at the moment. I hope you enjoyed reading them!



Author: Keeping Up With Curiosity

Professional Styling Academy Graduate - From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Love to Cook, Explore and of course Eat - Believe in the Power of Positive thinking - Learning to embrace a Minimal and Simple life -

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