On The Street // Men’s Fashion

Happy Friday!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll notice that I mainly focus on women’s fashion. But my love for men’s fashion is growing. I look for styles that are unique but also aesthetically pleasing. An odd piece of clothing or accessory is fine, but I find myself gravitating towards smart casual, minimal styling, and well-structured clothing.

Here are some snapshots of stylish men roaming the streets of Europe. Enjoy!

Florence // The Sartorialist
Stockholm Fashion Week AW17 // Robert Spangle
Florence // The Sartorialist
Florence // The Sartorialist
Stockholm Street Style //Robert Spangle
Florence // The Sartorialist
Robert Spangle



Author: Keeping Up With Curiosity

Professional Styling Academy Graduate - From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Love to Cook, Explore and of course Eat - Believe in the Power of Positive thinking - Learning to embrace a Minimal and Simple life - https://suminchan23.wixsite.com/portfolio

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