A Short Hiatus

The fancy window decorations, the food and the crowded streets…that’s right, Christmas is around the corner and just like other businesses out there, today is my last day of ‘work’. Or rather, this will be my last post of 2016.

I re-started and re-branded my blog in September with the intention to practice my writing skills and to share the things I’m passionate or curious about with the online community. I challenged myself to maintain this blog for at least three months. I managed to fulfill the challenge but there’s more that needs to be done. However, I’m currently in a situation that requires me to take some time off to sort things out.

Have yourself a gleaming little Christmas and I’ll be back before you know it! xx

Afrodita Emikaneko Glitter Makeup // Into The Gloss

To those of you who do read and follow my blog, thank you.


Author: Keeping Up With Curiosity

Professional Styling Academy Graduate - From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Love to Cook, Explore and of course Eat - Believe in the Power of Positive thinking - Learning to embrace a Minimal and Simple life - https://suminchan23.wixsite.com/portfolio

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