Outer Space*

There was a time when things were either black or white.
But what is it like to be in the grey area?
To survive, we stay inside the bubble created by our Society.
In this inner space, the Rules keep us safe.
To step outside of it is like being in Outer Space.

I wrote this while I was waiting for my lunch to arrive. When you forget to bring reading materials and you feel inspired at that moment, what would you do? I whipped out my phone and let the words flow.

{First published on 22 February 2015}



Author: Keeping Up With Curiosity

Professional Styling Academy Graduate - From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Love to Cook, Explore and of course Eat - Believe in the Power of Positive thinking - Learning to embrace a Minimal and Simple life - https://suminchan23.wixsite.com/portfolio

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