The F Ensemble

These lovely people sure gave me a lot of inspiration as September draws to a close. Enjoy!

{Mesmerize Fashion} Simple yet strangely well put together.
{Keiko Lynn} Creative ways to wear eyeliner #1
{Cuillere A Absinthe}
{The Little Magpie} Love the hints of purple and blue!
{Shine By Three} I still cannot get over how talented Margaret Zhang is. She inspires me to do all the things I love…and do them well of course.


{A Clothes Horse} This dress is SO dreamy. Reminds me of The Great Gatsby (speaking of which, I NEED to watch that movie soon).
{The Rue Collective} I really like the look of incorporating lingerie into every day wear. I might give this a go during the summer!
{Keiko Lynn} Creative ways to wear eyeliner #2
{The Rue Collective} To me, a slip dress is luxurious, sexy, casual yet effortlessly stylish. It’s a versatile piece as well. You could pair it with heels/sneakers, a trench coat/tailored blazer, wear it with/ without a sweater, with thermals/cotton shirt underneath…the possibilities are just endless!
My future work uniform. THAT MAROON SUIT!!!


A shadow covering her visage.

I feel her. I hear her.

But she will always be an enigma to me.

R had Sia on repeat for weeks and I was inspired to write something for my friend, N.

N challenged himself to produce a creative piece everyday for a year (definitely not an easy feat!). He also encouraged his friends to contribute and I have to say, I was impressed by the quality of the works.

P.S. This piece was written on September 2, 2015 but I made some changes today so I am posting this again.